Dad’s Doodles – Timelords Wearing Hats

I had a lot of fun drawing Matt Smith in a fez with Grace this week … so I decided to draw some of my other favorite Timelords and their haberdashery — William Hartnell in his original fur cap from the very first eppy of Doctor Who, Patrick Troughton’s toboggan from Fury from the Deep (I LOVE that episode) and Tom Baker’s off again, on again cowboy hat/fedora. I know I should draw Sylvester McCoy in his bowler … but I just don’t like that era of Who. Sorry, Sly lovers.



2 thoughts on “Dad’s Doodles – Timelords Wearing Hats

  1. Since when does the second doctor where a sled on his head? It’s called a touque. Toboggans are what you ride on down a snowy hill. 🙂 #yankeeinthesouth #petpeeve #Iamusinghashtagsinacomment

  2. Ha! I am VERY proudly Southern. Touque it up if you want, Frenchie. Down South it’s a “TOE-boggan.” 🙂

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