Dad’s Doodle – Buster Keaton, Alcatraz & Texas Twister

The girls didn’t really want to draw last night, but I did a little doodling on my lunch break and while watching a little TV …

Inspired by Scott C’s great showdowns, I drew Buster Keaton vs. a Build-Your-Own-House-Kit in “One Week” …

The cast of “Alcatraz” …

And, for Brendan Tobin, Ed Emberley versions of Texas Twister & Shooting Star …

Finding Nemo!

This one’s been a long time coming. Cate has been talking about drawing Nemo … and then deciding not to draw. But, I think it was worth the wait. When she does draw, Cate is attentive for both shape and detail. Her Nemo has all the necessary tags and really shows she understand how our favorite clownfish is constructed. I can’t wait to see how she continues to develop as an artist.

Mr. Peanut

So, I’m not exactly sure … but when asked what she wanted to draw tonight, Grace quickly responded, “That peanut dude on the peanut jar!” As odd as it is that she chose an anthropomorphic peanut (although a classic advertising mascot) as her inspiration … it’s even odder to note that we don’t have Planters peanuts in the house. Dang, marketing people … stay out of my child’s head! (Psst … I’m one of those darn marketing people. So, I’m just yelling at myself.)

Katie Cook’s Gronk

Last night, Gracie and I drew for the unbelievably nice and insanely talented Katie Cook. Katie was an “early adopter” of 5 Minute Marvels, drawing this Wonder Woman for Gracie in 2010. Katie’s worked for Star Wars online and countless others on top of creating her own Webcomic, Gronk, about a nice, nerdy lady who adopts an inquisitive green monster. I put Grace’s drawing in both large form and combined with mine.

Dad’s Doodles – Timelords Wearing Hats

I had a lot of fun drawing Matt Smith in a fez with Grace this week … so I decided to draw some of my other favorite Timelords and their haberdashery — William Hartnell in his original fur cap from the very first eppy of Doctor Who, Patrick Troughton’s toboggan from Fury from the Deep (I LOVE that episode) and Tom Baker’s off again, on again cowboy hat/fedora. I know I should draw Sylvester McCoy in his bowler … but I just don’t like that era of Who. Sorry, Sly lovers.


Fezzes are Cool!

Tonight, we entered a state of temporal grace around the drawing board and decided to take on bow ties, fezzes and Timelords.

Gracie doesn’t really watch Doctor Who, but she knows I do and once she saw the red fez … it was an easy drawing session. In fairness, my Doctor took about five minutes, but I did take an extra ten to draw in the ghostly Dalek and Cyberman. (I drew the redesigned Cyberman while biting my lip. For me, you can’t beat the “Invasion/Revenge” Cyber design. 🙂 )

Rocket Raccoon for Bill Mantlo

I love kooky comics. Since I was a kid, I’ve lived in the extremes. I want my comics to either be really real or really “comic booky.” That’s why I loved Bill Mantlo’s work even before I knew his name. ROM, Hulk, Cloak & Dagger, etc. … when I was Grace’s age, they were just full of odd characters and far out concepts — products of the imagination of Bill Mantlo. Tragically, Bill was injured in a hit and run accident in 1995 and can no longer write. This holiday season, a call went out for Bill fans to draw fan art and send it to him to cheer him up. So, the girls and I decided to draw one of Bill’s most enduring creations: Rocket Raccoon. It’s not too hard to encourage kids to draw a space-hopping raccoon … and that’s thanks to Bill Mantlo.

Click here to read a heart-breaking, but encouraging story about Bill and to learn how you, too, can send him fan art!