West Coast Avengers Nutcrackers!

One of the main reasons we haven’t posted much of late is that Grace was rehearsing for her dance group’s role in The Nutcracker. (She played a rat and a ginger snap.) This was her second year in the show and she had a complete blast. So, when I asked her what she wanted to draw tonight, she said, “Hawkeye … as a nutcracker.” What an awesome idea! So, I joined her by drawing the original lineup of the West Coast Avengers … as nutcrackers. 


Cybermen for @DanMcDaid!

Today, Comics Alliance took a few precious pixels today to share the awesomeness that is British writer/illustrator and 5 Minute Marvels buddy, Dan McDaid. So, it seemed fitting to share the Cybermen sketches Gracie I made for Danny Boy on his birthday a few weeks ago.


Dad’s Doodles – The Sorcerer Supreme of Id

This is a holdover from my mash-up sketches a few months ago turning famous daily comic strip characters with comic book heroes. With the good Dr. Strange back in the mainstream in Fraction/Dodson’s Defenders, it seemed a great time to bring it back. Enjoy.

Magneto! by Maddy Wahl, Erin Kelly & Pals

Our favorite comic-lovin’ cousins are back with an “X-Men: First Class”-inspired ode to Magneto. A word from Maddy, AKA “College Girl”:

The other day Erin (24), her cousins Miranda (18) and Jessica (15) and I (18) all watched X-Men First Class.  It was Miranda and Jessica’s first time seeing it and they loved it, so we decided to celebrate by doing 5 Minute Marvels of Magneto!  Erin and Jessica both focused on Magneto’s Jewish heritage whereas Miranda and I went for more general shots.  We all cheated by the bucketloads. But Jessica wants me to tell you that she cheated the least.

Don’t worry ladies, as long as you didn’t stress out while drawing, cheatin’s okay by us.

Angry Birds! by Jacob & John Lindwall

We’re very excited to share this art from a father and son combo — John & Jacob Lindwall. Here’s what they had to say:

My 9-year old son Jacob and I have drawn the Angry Birds for your website. Jacob says “It was really fun to do because it is one of our favorite games.”

Master Yoda!

The 5 Minute Marvels experience started just under two years ago when I got the Super Hero Squad Wii game … and Grace got excited and wanted to draw the characters.

So, it was a pleasant surprise when, after I bought the Star Wars Clone Wars LEGO game this week, Gracie now wants to take on drawing Star Wars. And, the style from the Cartoon Network’s Clone Wars series was perfect. So, “Draw or Draw Not … there is no try.” 🙂

Muppet Mania – Ms. Piggy!

Muppet Mania continues in the Miner household. The girls begged to draw Ms. Piggy tonight to great result. Cate did a terrific job, but hates to ink her work, so it’s not scanning well. But, I have to saw, at 6 years old, she’s able to capture the essence of a character in very few lines. We’re hoping to get her drawing more and more.

Dad’s Doodles – Conjunction Lantern

I’ve had a blast drawing Schoolhouse Rock with the girls over the past few days. I love Tom Yohe’s style.

While looking at the lantern from the engineer in “Conjunction Junction,” I remembered the singing Earth from “The Energy Blues” and was compelled to draw him as Mogo, the living planet lantern, and, well, the rest is history.