Ready Player One

Tonight was “indulge Dad night,” as Grace and I convinced her to try our hand at drawing characters from the dawn of 80s video games.

We drew Grundle, the green dragon from Atari’s groundbreaking “Adventure” (the first video game with an Easter Egg) and the dragon from “Quest for the Rings,” an Odyssey 2 game I always remember from trips to my cousin’s house.

For good meaure, I decided to throw in my buddy, King Graham, from Sierra’s “King’s Quest” series, which was a personal favorite of mine growing up.

It was all inspired by my unabashed love for “Ready Player One,” a new novel by Ernie Cline, the writer of “Fanboys.” I started Monday night and was done (and very very sad to be done) on Wednesday night.

For anyone who loves the 80s – movies, games, pop culture, Dungeons & Dragons and Schoolhouse Rock – this is the book for you. The story surrounds an Atari “Adventure”-style quest through a virtual world called the OASIS to find a hidden prize prize of unimaginable value. To get there, one must demonstrate skill and vast knowledge of 80s pop culture, which, thankfully, I have. It’s brilliant. Ernie let his freak flag fly high in this book … and the ride is so much fun. I highly recommend it. Check out the Web site here.   And, buy the book! You’ll thank me.

UPDATE! How cool is this? Part of an e-mail from Ernie Cline:

“I love your website! Such a great idea, and a cool way to collaborate with your kids. Thanks for writing, and for sharing the link! “

Thanks, Ernie!


2 thoughts on “Ready Player One

  1. I have the audio version of Ready Player One read by Wil Wheaton. Which is AWESOME!!! I loved the book so much I’m going to get the dead tree version, too.

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