Mickey Mouse at Disney Animation Academy!

Last week, my wife and I took the girls on their first pilgrimage to Disney World. Truth be told, I’ve always thought of myself as a Disney Hater. But, walking around the Magic Kingdom, it’s hard not to realize a) how much you loved Disney films and characters as a kid b) how creative and amazing Disney creators are.

The highlight of the trip for me was taking three 20-minute drawing classes at Hollywood Studios Disney Animation Academy. We drew Piglet, Rapunzel and Mickey. While Grace liked it … Cate LOVED it. Loved. If she’d had her way, we would have drawn all day. In a rare development, Mrs. 5 Minute Marvels drew, too.

Our instructor was a talented illustrator and nice guy, Brian James Fichtner. Check out his art blog here! And, he has a tremendous second blog, Amazing Cosmic Powers, with his insights on famous cartoonists and illustrators. It’s fantastic.


2 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse at Disney Animation Academy!

  1. Glad you discovered this awesome piece of Disney fun. I have stayed at the drawing class ALL DAY and it was tremendous fun. The artists are so great. Brian is the BEST and you will always have a great time in his class.

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