Happy Birthday, Tara Abbamondi!

Gracie and I wish a very happy (and slightly belated) happy birthday to our pal, and hugely talented illustrator, Tara Abbamondi.

Tara was one of the first artists we met when Gracie and I entered this cool little internet community of artists. And, she is one of the absolute best.

I am proud to say that Tara and I are collaborating on a comic called “Golden Rule,” which we’ll begin releasing on a new blog later in September. But, to wish Tara a happy B-Day, Grace and I decided to draw Molly Sherwood, the main character of “Golden Rule.” She’s an asipiring heroine, who’s extremely powerful, terminally embarassed and … ahem … fashion challenged. (And, Tara draws the hell out of her!).


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