Dad’s Doodles – Happy Birthday, Faith Erin Hicks

A little 5-minute sketch love for Faith Erin Hicks, creator of Superhero¬†Girl, on her birthday … and mine.


Butterfly for Dean Trippe!

Tonight was a lot of fun. We drew Butterfly for our pal, Dean Trippe, who had a birthday over the weekend. Dean is a terrific guy and a fun, imaginative artist we gush about constantly here. We’re not ashamed. We’re “Trippers”! Yeah, that’s right … it’ll catch on.

My¬†favorite thing Dean’s done lately is a one-page story on Warren Ellis’ blog which, in just three panels, says everything I feel about the current state of DC and comics in general. Brilliant. See it here:

Saving Grace & Cate-Tastrophe by Ivan Camelo!

Coolest. Post. Ever. We got an awesome surprise tonight — a drawing of Grace and Cate in their superhero identitiesm, Saving Grace & Cate-tastrophe. Incredible art all the way from Bogota, Columbia.

A few weeks ago, we drew Ivan’s Pirate Girl after seeing his work featured on Comics Alliance. He is an incredibly nice guy with a distinctive style. I implore you … share this link and visit his DeviantArt gallery now:

DC and Marvel, wise up and get this guy to do some merchandise for you, like right now!

Esteban! with Polly Guo

Just a few weeks ago, Grace and I sketched some fun pictures of Thor inspired by artist Polly Guo. You can see them here.

Then, Polly surprised us with an original sketch of her original character, the inestimable ESTEBAN! He’s fun, inventive and reminds me of Groucho Marx … which is always welcome.

Read Polly’s Esteban strip here!




Chapel Smith with Emma T. Capps!

This is a special one. About six months ago, we learned about the amazing Emma T. Capps from our buddy Tara Abbamondi. Emma is an award-winning artist and storyteller. She has distinctive style, a signature character, a line of greeting cards, robust Webcomic and the respect of the industry. Oh, she also just happens to be a teenager. Amazing and inspirational. (P.S. She also manages to be a first-class Doctor Who fan, too.) You can see a cool time-lapse of Emma at work here:

Emma graciously agreed to sketch her character, Chapel Smith, and Chapel’s pet hedgehog with Grace and me. It was an honor.

We expect to see great things from Ms. Capps for many years to come and hope to meet her in person some day!

And, now a word from Emma!

My Sister the Freak & Red’s Planet

I am sorry to say that this¬†sketch has been on the shelf for a while. Grace and I worked on it earlier in the year … and its some of her best work … but, for some reason, it didn’t make it onto the blog.

This is our take on characters from two incredible webcomics:

– Mary from Dani Jones’ “My Sister the Freak”
– Red from Eddie Pittman’s “Red’s Planet”

These are really fun, creative comics and I encourage you to check them out today!

And, now a word from Eddie!

Mickey Mouse at Disney Animation Academy!

Last week, my wife and I took the girls on their first pilgrimage to Disney World. Truth be told, I’ve always thought of myself as a Disney Hater. But, walking around the Magic Kingdom, it’s hard not to realize a) how much you loved Disney films and characters as a kid b) how creative and amazing Disney creators are.

The highlight of the trip for me was taking three 20-minute drawing classes at Hollywood Studios Disney Animation Academy. We drew Piglet, Rapunzel and Mickey. While Grace liked it … Cate LOVED it. Loved. If she’d had her way, we would have drawn all day. In a rare development, Mrs. 5 Minute Marvels drew, too.

Our instructor was a talented illustrator and nice guy, Brian James Fichtner. Check out his art blog here! And, he has a tremendous second blog, Amazing Cosmic Powers, with his insights on famous cartoonists and illustrators. It’s fantastic.

Captain Carrot with Jon Morris!

Tonight’s post combines two favorites … Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew and Calamity Jon Morris – the brilliant illustrator behind Cornered and DC Fifty Too (which, if you haven’t read … shame on ya’).

Jon’s been a friendly collaborator over the course of 5 Minute Marvels. When we suggested Captain Carrot … he already had one in the can he was planning to put on his own blog. How’s that for kismet? Hey, DC Comics, here’s a fantastic property to bring back! I had so much fun drawing Cap, I drew an extra picture of his magical partner, Alley-Kat-Abra.

America! by George & Waddy Wahl

Okay, I have to apologize to George & Maddy. They sent this almost two weeks ago¬† … just in time for the girls and I to be in the prep stages for our trip to Disney World. (More on that later.) But, as always, they are awesome. Here’s what Maddy had to say:

¬†It was Midnight Thirty and neither of us could sleep so we decided to draw. It was George’s turn to choose and he chose America from a show called Axis Powers Hetalia, a show about anthropomorphic countries that my brothers absolutely adore. Now I’m gunna go sleep so enjoy the art!

Dad’s Doodles – Dennises the Menaces

It was a long day at work, so the only way I could think of to unwind was to draw the US and UK versions of Dennis the Menace as Captain Marvel and Black Adam. Totally logical right?

It was a really long day.

Thor! for Polly Guo

Grace and I were looking through Polly Guo’s¬†amazing DeviantArt gallery¬†and were inspired by one of her “Kawaii” style drawings of Thor.

So, we each created our own “cartoonier” version of the Odinson. Hope you enjoy.

And, we have a collaboration with Polly coming up soon!

Happy Birthday, Tara Abbamondi!

Gracie and I wish a very happy (and slightly belated) happy birthday to our pal, and hugely talented illustrator, Tara Abbamondi.

Tara was one of the first artists we met when Gracie and I entered this cool little internet community of artists. And, she is one of the absolute best.

I am proud to say that Tara and I are collaborating on a comic called “Golden Rule,” which we’ll begin releasing on a new blog later in September. But, to wish Tara a happy B-Day, Grace and I decided to draw Molly Sherwood, the main character of “Golden Rule.” She’s an asipiring heroine, who’s extremely powerful, terminally embarassed and … ahem … fashion challenged. (And, Tara draws the hell out of her!).