Pirate Girl!

One of the best aspects of Comics Alliance is the editors’ commitment to finding and promoting up & coming talent. Enter, Ivan Camelo, an artist from Bogota, Columbia who created some adorably cool versions of DC Heroes.

When Grace & I looked at his gallery on DeviantArt, we decided we liked his original pirate girl character best … and out the pencils, pens and Sharpie’s came!


Scott Pilgrim & Ramona Flowers by Eden & Jason Garrattley!

Grace and I got a very nice, little surprise over the weekend — these fantastic drawings of Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers all the way from the UK by illustrator/designer Jason Garrattley and his nine-year-old daughter, Eden. Great stuff, guys!

Jason runs some incredible blogs you should check out … well … right now:
KirbyVision: the fan art blog affiliated with the Jack Kirby museum
BetweenClarkAndHilldale: Jason’s blog with his art and design work
AncientAndForever: an AMAZING Dr. Who fan art blog



400th Post – Snoopy & Woodstock with the Z Kids!

It’s hard to believe, but this is our 400th post on 5 Minute Marvels. It’s a been a long, but incredibly fun trip for us. And, along the way, Grace, Cate and I have made many friends and drawn with some amazing artists.

So, it’s very fitting that we draw tonight with children’s book author and illustrator, Aaron Zenz, and his talented children — the Z Kids. We were sadly unaware of their work until recently, but Aaron, Isaac, Gracie, Lily, Elijah and Evie have made beautiful art together for five years on their blog Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty. And, they review children’s books together on Bookie Wookie. Fantastic stuff, guys! Keep it up.

And, to celebrate the big 4-0-0, our drawing represents four generations – Grace and Cate, Grandpa, Great Grandma (AKA Diddy) and Dad. Here’s to 400 more!

Princess from Battle of the Planets!

Battle of the Planets/Gatchaman is the first show I remember loving as a child — making time to watch it, thinking about it, playing it in the backyard. From Voltron to Tranzor Z to G.I. Joe, Starblazers and Thundarr the Barbarian, there have been others, but you never forget your first.

So, when I saw Thomas Perkins’ Tokusatsu & Kaiju drawing on Bristolwhip (http://bristolwhip.blogspot.com/2011/08/kaiju-tnperkins.html), my mind went rushing back and we chose to draw Princess.

Many thanks to amazing artist Cliff Chiang for the inspirational sketch above. And, for old time’s sake, here the Battle of the Planets intro …

Dad’s Doodles – The New Godzenjammer Kids

Recently, I’ve been having fun redrawing classic comic strip characters as comic book characters – Charlie Brown as MODOK and Nancy, Lucy and Little Lulu as Big Barda, Black Canary and Wonder Woman.

So, I decicded to tray my hand as drawing the Katzenjammer Kids (along with Mama and The Captain) as the crazy New Gods family – Darkseid, Highfather, Orion & Scott Free (Mr. Miracle.)

I’ve never read much of the Katzenjammer Kids, but the art is simply great and inspiring.

Pepe LePew! with Adriana Blake

Twitter is an amazing place to find inspiration. I know its reputation is one of endless idle chatter, but I’ve found it to be a remarkable place to come into contact with people of like passions. Adriana Blake is just such an example. Click here to view her blog at littleteacup.com

Adriana is a Venezuelan-American illustrator living in Canada. She’s a fellow contributor to Womanthology and the creator of the webcomic Fall on Me.

She graciously (and excitedly) agreed to sketch with us and made a fantastic selection in the Looney Toon, Pepe Le Pew.

Check out Adriana’s charming work here and follow her on twitter at @adrianalikestea

Casper the Friendly Ghost! with Loston Wallace

We were excited today to receive a sketch of Caspar the Friendly Ghost … and a packet of awesome SWAG from NC illustrator, Loston Wallace, with whom we drew Krypto with recently.

Grace has been away for a few days and was ready to pick up the pencil and get cracking. Casper is a great character for artists learning to draw with shapes.

As for me, I decidpied to draw Atlas Comics’ knock-off of Casper, Homer the Happy Ghost … complete with halo.

EXTRA BONUS! Loston was kind enough to send along some Krypto coloring books on which he worked and to include original doodles of Streaky the Supercat. Enjoy! And, check out www.LostonWallace.com


Watch the video above and 50 seconds in you will find something familiar — a drawing by 5 Minute Marvel co-founder and my daughter, Ms. Grace Miner. It’s an exciting achievement for her. And, I’m excited to announce that Grace will be one of the child contributors to Womanthology, a massive anthology comic showcasing the works of women in comics. The book is created entirely by over 140 women of all experience levels. And it’s taking the comics world by storm.

Just two weeks ago at ComicCon, a fan questioned DC Comics Executive Editor, Dan Didio, about the lack of female creators participating in the DC relaunch. He responded by asking her who she thought he should be talking to. Now, I wasn’t there, and perhaps it didn’t sound as bad coming out of his mouth as it reads in print. Maybe he was having a bad day. But, Dan, there are hundreds of female artists who could help your books innovate and reach new audiences. Maybe some male readers aren’t ready for that, but it’s their loss. And, Womanthology is aptly timed to demonstrate that.

When Womanthology creator Renae De Liz issued an open invitation to women to contribute to her idea a few weeks ago, I can’t imagine she dreamt it would generate the response it has. And, when she tentatively sought $25,000 in funding on Kickstarter, I know she didn’t think they’d be pushing $100,000 with 71 hours to go. She has shone a light on the amazing work women are doing in comics. And, she’s demonstrated that mainstream comics are lagging behind.

Grace is thrilled to be a part of Womanthology, and I’m proud of her. But, most of all, I am grateful to Renae for the opportunity to show Gracie that there should be no barriers to her creativity, especially not one founded in gender.

Please click this link and help Womanthology reach $100,000: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/renaedeliz/womanthology-massive-all-female-comic-anthology

Super T & T Tot! – A Grace Miner Joint

Move over Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Grace has gone Kirby and is in full-on creator mode. Her first two creations are the heroic turtles — Super T and his sidekick T Tot. She was very specific in the design instructions, down to the bowler hats.

And, the world building has already started. These two have a rogues gallery — a married couple of evil turtles, Dr. Flop and Frogula, and their daughter, Deathany. I wouldn’t be too surprised if they show up on the blog soon!


War Machine! by Jacob and John Lindwall

Tonight, we were excited to receive art from a new father and son duo, Jacob (9) and John Lindwall. They chose to take on the grey and white majesty of Iron Man’s BFF, War Machine! Nice work, you two. We hope to see more from you for a long time yet to come.

Coraline! with Captain Chants

Since we launched 5 Minute Marvels,, Grace, Cate and I have met and drawn with some amazing artists. And, every once in a while, you see work you fall in love at first sight. And, so it was with the work of Captain Chants, AKA Chantal El-Bikai, an extremely talented artist from the UK. Her work radiates personality and warmth and puts a modern spin on a very classic style. But, don’t listen to me, visit her site and see it for yourself: http://captain-chants.net/ or follow her on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/CaptainChants

We drew Neil Gaiman’s Coraline with Chantal and look forward to more of her art for years to come!

Here’s some great advice from The Captain: Never give up!  If you love drawing (or anything else for that matter) then ALWAYS draw.  Look at other people’s work and get inspired.  Don’t get too bogged down in finding a “style” – that will come later.  If it makes you happy, keep on doing it and try to challenge yourself. ^_^

And, a bonus sketch from Chantal … Hermione Granger!

Zuko! by Maddy, Erin, George & Nick

They’re back … the first family of 5 Minute Marvels. Proving that the family the draws together, stays together. Here are a few word from Maddy (who’s soon off to art school, ya’ll!):

[We drew] the banished Prince of the Fire Nation, Zuko. George (12) [drew] a very classy pic of Zuko once he finally joins the good guys (Zuko’s a conflicted, adorkable antihero), wielding his signature dual swords. Nick (14) (Who we actually got to join us for once!) on the other hand chose to depict Zuko first season essence shouting about honor and mercilessly hunting the Avatar (Aided by pokeball, of course!)  Erin (24) paid homage to the wonderful Charles Schultz in her Zuko pic. Zuko goes to his (crazy, evil) sister, Princess Azula for advice and she shoots down his dreams (And HOPE!) in one fell swoop. I (Maddy, 18 <–Holy crap!) drew dear Zuko in a scene of his new-found good-guy troubles wherein Zuko runs from an angry Momo… with an Orange-Monkey-Zuko aggravating the flying lemur from Zuko’s shoulder.   …It’s a long story, anywhodazzle, we finally drew and it’s getting pretty late, so until next time!