American Barbarian!

 Grace and I decided to celebrate America’s birthday by drawing Tom Scioli’s new character, American Barbarian. Grace’s quote of the session was, “This dude should be Captain America’s brother with that hair!” What American Barbarian IS all about is Tom Scioli’s postapocalyptic loveletter to Jack Kirby, Thundarr the Barbarian, 80s/90s Nintendo games and He-Man … which, for me, is an intoxicating mash-up. Check out the comic as Tom draws it at

I first saw Tom’s work on Godland with Joe Casey and have followed him since, really digging his Xeric Award-wining solo project, “The Myth of 8-Opus.”

I’ve had the good fortune to meet Tom several times at HeroesCon, and he’s always been nice to me and to Grace and extremely enthusiastic about his work. Check him out!

P.S. I really like Grace’s nose here (shades of Grace’s love of Maris Wick), but we did have a chat that his legs should at least be longer than his … ahem … loincloth.  


2 thoughts on “American Barbarian!

  1. I loved the book also! Scioli has definitely inherited some of Godland’s weirdness too. Which is great.

    P.S. Joe Casey wrote Godland, not Joe Kelley

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