Happy Birthday, Kelly!


Almost two years ago, when we were trying to get a fledgling little Web site called 5 Minute Marvels going, Grace and I came by someone who would go on to be a cheerful supporter of ours and a trusted friend — Kelly Thompson of Comics Should Be Good! and 3 Chicks Review Comics. She’s been our biggest supporter and a ready ear for many, many ideas.

In honor of hir birthday — and her devotion to strong women in comics — we draw more Jack Kirby creations, Big Barda and the Female Furies. (Psst! Kelly, all of them have high collars … just for you.) We drew two Bardas for her — helmet and no helmet.

And, Cate wanted in on the act, too. She’s on a kick drawing characters from the Little Mr. and Little Ms. books … so here’s Little Miss Birthday! (Yes. She’s a real character.)



The Super Skrull!

Last week, we learned of Logan Riley, an artist who has dedicated himself to drawing a new comic book character every day out of his love of comics and desire to improve his skills. Well, that’s a noble pursuit we can appreciate around here. You can check out Logan’s art at http://literarybandit.wordpress.com/

I contacted him and he suggested we draw a Kirby Klassic — The Super Skrull. And, away we go!

Here’s Logan’s!

Lady Liberty with Friends!

So, a group of our buddies from Project: Rooftop – Dean Trippe, Ming Doyle, Joel Carroll, Joe Quinones & Maris Wicks – did something pretty cool at HeroesCon … redesigning the classic Lady Liberty as a superhero to raise money for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Now, the art is available at eBay with proceeds going to CBLDF. Click here to read more about it and get links to the art auctions!

Grace and I decided to join in … and we both had the idea to go hip hop. I think hers has a real KE$HA vibe. Mine, sadly, looks like what a mid-30s dude’s idea is of hip hop attire. (Pssst! Don’t use the word “attire, dude.”)

Mojo Jojo!


 We had so much fun drawing the Powerpuff Girls last night that we had to take on their green simian arch nemesis — Mojo Jojo!

I confess to not watching much of the Powerpff Girls, but it’s images like this — a sneering monkey in a turban — that makes me wanna’ buy a DVD boxset,


The Powerpuff Girls!

So, I know what you’re thinking … you have a sketch blog with two little gitls and it took you a year and a half to get around to The Powerpuff Girls? I don’t know why, but this one was a long time coming.

For my money, I’m glad we waited. Grace has learned a lot about composition and drawing with shapes and I think it shows in her work. As for Cate, she was really enthused by this one (drawing all three which we’ll see in days to come.) She asked me to make sure I noted that the big circle is not the head, it’s the hair. She just didn’t ink the chin under the eyes. :P!

Little Nemo in Slumberland!

We’re a day late on this, but to Grace and I dedicate this to my father, A.K.A. “Grandpa.”

I was  fortunate to have a varied education in comics and comic strips. My dad and I didn’t always agree on everything we liked (I appreciate, but don’t share his love of all things Hank Ketchum and he not as fervent as I about Jack Kirby), but the magical worlds created by certified genius Winsor McCay was more than common ground. The way he was able to use every inch of the space allowed to create worlds of boundless imagination remains virtually unmatched.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Thanks for introducing me to the world of comic illustration. (See, I was paying attention.)

Travis Morgan the Warlord! by Jamie and Tyler Cosley

Yes! One more and it’s a trend … Jamie and Tyler Cosley are back with more father/son awesomeness with Travis Morgan, the Warlord, from the 70s DC book by comics legend, Mike Grell.  

I have fond memories of this comic as the first 12 issues came in a box I inherited from my Uncle Andy when I first started reading comics. Fun stuff. Beautiful art.

When Jamie submitted this, he said, “Tyler won this round.” Amen, brother. That’s great stuff.

Link! from Legend of Zelda

After coming across this simultaneously bizarre and totally engrossing You Tube video of a guy playing the “Legend of Zelda” theme song on a theremin, I was suddenly overcome with an urge to draw Link … and Gracie was happy to oblige.

Man, 1986 was an awesome year. Long live the NES!

Green Lantern by Jamie & Tyler Cosley!

We’re excited to present the very first submission to 5 Minute Marvels by artist, Jamie Cosley, and his son, Tyler. You can check out Jamie’s blog, featuring his Webcomic, Cody the Cavalier, at jamiecosley.blogspot.com

In honor of the release of the ring-slinger’s movie, starring Van Wilder himself, Tyler suggested they draw Hal Jordan. And, the results … well … amazing.

Jamie’s a talented artist, but methinks we’ll be seeing great thinks from young Tyler in years to come. But, Tyler, next time pick Alan Scott, the one true Green Lantern! Real Lanterns are afraid of wood, not yellow.



 As I’ve said before, fashion and superheroics are a winning combination in the 5 Minute Marvels household. But, when you add popstar into the mix … watch out. Dazzler is just about the ideal superheroine for Grace. (P.S. Yes. Cate is on strike  … again.)

Popping over to Project: Rooftop for inspiration tonight, we didn’t have to look much further than Erica Henderson’s many, many redesigns of Dazzler’s costume. But, it was this, clearly Gaga-infused, model that was Grace’s pick.

Amazing work, Erica. We hope to draw with you soon!


Cassandra Cain!

I’m a big fan of the “3 Chicks Review Comics” bi-weekly podcast by Sue of DC Women Kicking Ass, Maddy of When Fangirls Attack and Kelly Thompson of 1979 Semi-Finalist. (Grace isn’t in on this one. It’s not exactly “G” rated.)

A pervasive topic on the podcast is the badassery (and lack of continuous use) of Bat Family member Cassandra Cain, who was recently given the mantle of Black Bat. So, for our favorite 3 Chicks … we draw!

Ed Emberley’s Justice League of America!

I had so much fun drawing my rendition of the Avengers a la Ed Emberley’s style, that I had to give it a go with their DC Comics counterparts — the Justice League of America.

To learn more about Ed Emberley’s work, here’s link to his site, which has lots of fun activities.

Ninjasaur for Jason Horn!

One of our favorite aspects of HeroesCon in Charlotte this year was the fact that a bunch of our favorite artists – Stephanie Buscema, Joel Carroll, Mike Maihack, Dean Trippe and Jordan Gibson – were all teamed up in one area. An artist we didn’t know on their row was Jason Horn, creator of the Ninjasaur webcomic and super nice guy. Here’s his site!

We bought the latest book, Ninjasaus Vs. Dr. Deadbones, and had a ball with it. And, perfect for aspiring artists leaning their craft, was a how-to on drawing Ninjasaur with shapes. See below and draw!

And, to learn more about Jason, here’s a link to a great interview he did with Tim O’Shea at CBR!

And, now a word from Jason …


Candace! (from Phineas & Ferb)

Cate was in a drawing mood, so we decided to attempt everyone’s favorite heroine whose head is shaped like a capital “P” … Candace Flynn from “Phineas & Ferb.”

There are lots of pictures of Candace smiling on Google images, but Cate opted for one of her screaming with righteous indignation, which, if you know Cate, is fairly spot on.

For those trying to learn to draw with shapes and get lots of character and emotion out of simple figures, you can do a lot worse than spend some time studying the character style on this Disney cartoon.

Ed Emberley’s Faces!

Like a lot of children of the 70s and 80s, my education on drawing cartoons was largely shaped by the masterful Ed Emberley. I had five or six of his books, which break down the complex art of drawing bodies and faces into simple shapes and step-by-step instructions. I loved it.

So, naturally, as we’re working on both drawing with shapes and faces, Grace and I spent some time with Mr. Emberley’s books. She really took to it and was able to understand his lexicon. I decided to have some fun and draw the Avengers as Ed might have!

Cody the Cavalier!

After checking out his “Cody the Cavalier” Web comic, Grace and I were excited to meet him in the flesh at HeroesCon last week. And, immediately, we were drawn into Jamie’s infectious love of comics. It’s clear to see in his face and in his work that the act of making comics is, for him, very personal and very joyous experience for him. Jamie did a great drawing of the girls as Saving Grace and Catetastrophe, too! Check out his blog here!

When we got him, our Cody comic was the first Grace wanted to read and the courageous cat was the first character she wanted to draw. And, she rocked it out.

And, now a word from Jamie …

Hawkeye & Mockingbird!

One of the real joys of this blog is that the girls and I have met some people we really like. One of them is up and coming artist, Jordan Gibson http://twitter.com/#!/superbatgibson).

After seeing his work on Project: Rooftop, we drew Red Robin with Jordan a few months ago. He has an incredible style that’s modern, while recalling the simple joy and color of the classic age of comics. Bright times ahead for him.

Grace and I were thrilled to meet Jordan at HeroesCon last week. He shared a booth with another of our favorites, Dean Trippe. Jordan drew the incredible Hawkeye and Mockingbird below for Grace … and it turned out to be his first con comission ever. We were honored! So we drew Mockingbird, too.

The Badger!

There’s just something about Canada that produces prolific and creative Webcomic creators. One of them is Joel Porier, whose blog, http://strippedcomics.com/, offers us a very rich and fun world of superheroes, like The Badger here and the Pigeon King.

Joel is extremely faithful to his work, cranking out a steady 3 pages a week on 8-page stories starring his heroes. The site even includes OHOTMU and Who’s Who-style bios. Check it out!


American Panther!

Grace and I first saw Francesco Francavilla’s art on ComicTWART and then met him in person at HeroesCon last year to buy a copy of his Black Beetle comic (of which we can only hope there’s more on the way).

Since then, Francesco has blown up big time, drawing for DC and Marvel, where, in July, he’ll transform the Black Panther into the American Panther. I know this iteration of the Panther probably won’t last, but it was fun drawing a colorful version of a classic character.
See Francesco’s work here

And, now a word from Francesco!

Catwoman for Stephanie Buscema!

One of the very first pals we made on 5 Minutes Marvels was amazing artist, Stephanie Buscema, who drew Scarlet Witch and Wasp with us. You can see it here!

Steph’s on her way to HeroesCon in Charlotte this weekend and we’re excited to meet her for the first time in person, so we decided to draw Catwoman in her style.

Visit Steph’s Web site and follow her on Twitter!

And, now a word from Steph!

Angus by Marjorie Flack!

Whether they remember or not … the girls have long had a little Scottie dog named Angus in their lives.

When Grace was very small and Kim (her mom) and I started reading to her, I went book shopping and was easily attracted to the amazing art by Marjorie Flack, who wrote and illustrated several stories about Angus.

Now that Cate is starting to read more, she’s taken a new interest in Angus. We read it last night, and tonight she wanted to draw. I love Cate’s use of color (especially her little flower). And, Grace is working on drawing with shapes to build form, as well as creating texture (the black and blue squiggles for fur). It’s not hard to be inspired with amazing art like that of Ms. Flack.