Stout! (from The Unsinkable Walker Bean)

One of the absolute best graphic novels I’ve read over the past several years has been Aaron Renier’s The Unsinkable Walker Bean. One could be tempted  to dismiss this book as “Harry Potter on the High Seas,” but it’s so much more than that and filled with characters and imagery adults and kids can love.

Case in point … Stout, the ship’s stawlart steampot who springs to life when properly heated. He’s a fun little character and one Grace enjoyed drawing. Grace has been working very hard at learning to draw with shapes (as you can see with the pencils under her inks) and it’s payin’ off!

I highly encourage ya’ll to go here and read more about the book on Aaron’s Web site. Oh, and pick up a copy while you’re at it!


2 thoughts on “Stout! (from The Unsinkable Walker Bean)

    • Wow! We are humbled, Aaron! Thanks for your kind words and thanks for creating such a tremendous world with Walker Bean! Can’t wait for more!

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