Marvel High!

High school. Superheroes.

For Grace, a child who has seen High School Musical, like, a shameful number of times, this is a match made in heaven. So, baby, it was time to draw.

I was goofing around on J. Bone’s Web site a few weeks ago and came across this drawing from 2007 — another awesome all-ages concept that never made it to the page. (Grrrrrr!) There must have been something in the air, ’cause Project: Rooftop found it and posted it, too. Man, this is awesome idea! If only … if only… J. Bone, we salute you!

P.S. If you look closely, you’ll see that Gracie is working on joints with lines and circles! The girl is working hard and it’s paying off.

4 thoughts on “Marvel High!

    • Thanks, man! Why Marvel didn’t realize the amazing power of a hormonal MODOK … we’ll never know.

      • Wow! I’m very flattered to have influenced your brilliant Five Minute Marvels!! Thanks so much! And great drawings. Grace drew my favourite Marvel High kid – the mighty Teen Tigra!


      • Thanks for the kind words, J, and for creating work that inspires us. This is a truly fantastic concept that deserves to live beyond this promotional image. I can only hope the desire to create new markets in the era of the Mighty Marvel Mouse House will revive this. It would be a smash on TV and in print.

        And, if you ever want to sketch with us … pick a character and we’ll draw!

        Tim (and Grace) Miner

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