Tempo the Time Monkey

Two words — Time Monkey. How can you now be compelled to get out pad and paper and draw the heck out of that!?!? So, we did.

I first saw David Bednarski’s work over at Project: Rooftop during their contest to redesign Aquaman’s costume. David’s stood out from the rest and made me learn more. A trip through his web site is like a trip through a comic book fan’s childhood — it’s chock full of his superhero creations, many of whom were inspired from names that shot out of the superhero name generator. And, the finest of them all, BY FAR, is TIME MONKEY. I love it. See more of David’s work at http://www.artofdbed.blogspot.com


Rath and He-Man!

Wow! In the history of our little blog here, we have had art from England, Canada, Spain and Thailand … which showed Grace and me how small the Internet can make the world. Today’s art arrived in our inbox from New Zealand — the father and son team of graphic artist Mark Legget and his son, Jonathan. It’s fantastic. Don’t be strangers, guys!

To see more of Mark’s work, visit http://markleggett.co.nz/ 

Imagination Station!

We’ve had a lot of fun drawing with a brilliant collection of artists, but I must say that Grace was elated to see the work of Agnes Garbowska come in. And, as you can see, it inspired her.

Agnes has an engaging style for kids and adults alike and it’s perfect for her series, “Imagination Station,” about the collective imaginations of three friends, Allie, Lily and Sam. Marvel Comics has tapped into Agnes recently in “Girl Comics” and the Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special. But, when you see work like this, it makes you wish more comics companies would get it. See more of Agnes’ work here.

Josie and the Pussycats!

As June edges closer and closer, Grace and I are getting excited about HeroesCon in Charlotte. As the weeks go by, it’s fun to watch and see who joins the guest list (today’s announcement was Darwyn Cooke, Ryan Sook and Frank Cho). And, there on the list for Indie Island is a picture of a beautiful red head punching out Godzilla. Instant love.

So, I was introduced to the fantastic, old school stylings of Pat Lewis, artist and author of “The Claws Come Out” and “Cragmore.” He graciously agreed to draw with Grace and me and suggested Josie and the Pussycats by his hero, Dan DeCarlo. And, just look at what he did! Pat, can’t wait to see you in Charlotte! Check out Pat’s blog: http://www.patnlewis.com/

Francis Sharp!

Who says banner ads don’t work? A few weeks ago, I was reading Comics Beat and saw an ad for 2010 Xeric Award Winner “Francis Sharp in the Grip of the Uncanny,” and I was introduced to the work of Brittney Sabo (AKA B. Sabo). You can get a nice preview of the book here.

The book is on its way, and I can’t wait to read it. But, while we’re waiting, Grace and I decided to draw Francis Sharp’s secret identity, The Occultist. (I must say that Grace fretted about Francis’ collar in her sketch, but it’s great.) Brittney drew a more playful Francis. Love it.See more of Brittney’s work at www.BSabo.com!