When I was a kid, my father introduced me to the history of comic strips. One of my favorites – far and away – was George Herriman’s “Krazy Kat.” So, when I found Leroy Brown’s web comic, Icecubes, which is a nice love letter to this classic comic, I was elated. Icecubes is a fun comic infused with Leroy’s very obvious love of his characters from Peckinpaw the polar bear to Freeze the Penguin, Nooky and Eggman the Walrus (whose name is perfect for Beatles fans like me). I encourage you to check it out here and vote for it for a Harvey Award!

P.S. I included Grace’s original sketch of Peckinpaw’s head (she’s not thrilled about that), but I thought she got a great expression out of it. Hey, I’m her dad! I’m proud. Sue me.

And now, a word from Leroy …

1 thought on “Icecubes!

  1. Nice find. Definitely will be checking out more of Icecubes. And lots of love for Herriman, I’ve been buying the collected volumes of Krazy Kat and dissecting his work myself.


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