Big Puffy & Little Ms. Nutritious!

Not that I want to seed the competition or anything … but over at Facebook, Cheerios has a cool (and very short) contest going on. The site says: “What would the Original Cheerios mascot look like? What would their name be? What superpowers would they have?” Three drawings will be chosen and turned into a comic book poster!” The winners get their heroes drawn by ComicTWART original and Johnny Recon creator: Mitch Gerads! The art has to be posted on Cheerios’ Facebook page by tomorrow. So get going!

So Grace and Cate got going. Cate went with “Big Puffy,” who turns bad guys into Cheerios … and people eat them.

Grace drew Little Ms. Nutritious who spits Cheerios into bad guys’ mouths. They fall in love and head immediately to a grocery store … where they steal the Cheerios and Ms. Nutritious has to arrest them. Hey! They are bad guys, after all.

According to Grace both heroes were created by inventor and crime fighter, Dr. InfoMental, who combats evil with his cosmic ring and steel spoon! So, I drew, too.



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