Captain Underpants!

Okay … so it was inevitable. Eventually, you had to know we were going to draw Captain Underpants, infantile hero of Jerome Horwitz Elementary School. Grace just finished “Frankly, Frannie,” (which she absolutely loved) and decided to pick up “The Adventures of Captain Underpants” by Dav Pilkey. And, she hasn’t been disappointed.

She’s almost done and we decided to draw the titular hero. I cheated and drew the villain of this piece, Dr. Diaper. Come on, he looks a Weeble-Wobble version of Larry Fine from the 3 Stooges … um … in a diaper. How could I not?

For kids learning to draw, Captain Underpants is terrific as he presents a fantastic lesson on how to draw with shapes, as he’s essentially a circle and an oval with arms and legs.

UPDATE! A word from Scholastic:


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