Lady Bug Lady!

The family and I celebrated my mom’s birthday today, so Grace and I decided to create a superheroine in her honor. As “Mimi” likes ladybugs, we just jumped in with a name and no idea of a design. Grace went with a super-intelligent bug that controls armies of smaller ladybugs. I went with a Blue Beetle/Bat-Man-themed character (with pigtails).

Our good buddy, Tara Abbamondi, (whose graphic novel, “Puddles,” we are eagly anticipating) graciously jumped in with her flapper-inspired crime fighter. I LOVE IT. Now, I want to start writing Lady Bug Lady stories set in the roaring 20’s! Tara, it’s GENIUS!  So, if you’ve enjoyed her work, jump on over to Tara’s Web site and fall in love even more: 

UPDATE! A word from Tara:


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