Frankly, Frannie!

Okay … time again for an unabashedly proud poppa moment. Now that Grace is in second grade, she has fallen head over heels in love with reading. Last year, there was no problem getting her to draw, but to read outside of homework …  ? Not so much. It’s so cute now to see her laying in bed reading herself to sleep. It’s a fantastic sight.

This week, she’s reading one of the “Frankly, Frannie” books by A.J. Stern and illustrated by Doreen Marts. When it came time to draw last night, Grace wanted to go with Frannie. And, when I looked up Doreen Marts, I was amazed to see that she worked for Marvel Comics! How perfect is that!?!?! 

You can check out Doreen’s Web site here:

UPDATE! A word from Doreen Marts:


2 thoughts on “Frankly, Frannie!

    • AJ, thanks for your very kind words. We are humbled. Grace loves your books. She’s on her third right now!

      Please drop in and see us any time!

      Tim (and Grace)

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