When I was a kid, my father introduced me to the history of comic strips. One of my favorites – far and away – was George Herriman’s “Krazy Kat.” So, when I found Leroy Brown’s web comic, Icecubes, which is a nice love letter to this classic comic, I was elated. Icecubes is a fun comic infused with Leroy’s very obvious love of his characters from Peckinpaw the polar bear to Freeze the Penguin, Nooky and Eggman the Walrus (whose name is perfect for Beatles fans like me). I encourage you to check it out here and vote for it for a Harvey Award!

P.S. I included Grace’s original sketch of Peckinpaw’s head (she’s not thrilled about that), but I thought she got a great expression out of it. Hey, I’m her dad! I’m proud. Sue me.

And now, a word from Leroy …



Tonight, we draw for our pal, Janet K. Lee. We are so proud of her and the ground-breaking work she and Jim McCann did on “The Return of the Dapper Men.” And, now Janet is bringing her undeniable style to Marvel’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic, “Emma.” From an art perspective, my favorite thing about what Janet does (and what both Archaia and Marvel are letting her do) is ink and color her own work. In a world where so much is done with computers, being able to see the artist’s hand and stroke in the art is a reminder that computers help, but humans create. Janet — keep knocking ’em dead.


A now, a word from Janet …


Ah, Pokemon Black and White has cast a spell on Maddy, George & Erin …

“We should mention that we all went to see Tangled today (celebrating Erin’s birthday requires Disney Movies), so Rapunzel makes a few cameos.  George would like to mention that he actually finished in less than 5 minutes and everyone else took longer.  Also, George thought that Swadloons look emo.  Maddy pretty much just yells, “Kaiko!” which is the name of her beloved Swadloon in the game. Erin thought Swadloon was pretty fun to draw, but Rapunzel has always been a top fiary tale for her, so the Pokemon was totally eclipsed by the princess.

One final word on Swadloon, Maddy made another, one that took significantly longer than 5 minutes.  She actually sewed herself a stuffed Swadloon.  There’s a picture attached, because it’s pretty awesome.”

Uatu the Watcher!

Dean Trippe has been a wonderful supporter of our work at  5 Minute Marvels from the very beginning. In truth, his incredible Web site, Project: Rooftop, was a major source of inspiration for us. And, if you haven’t been there lately, it’s really hitting its stride with some superhero costume redesigns from both professional and aspiring artists.

So, when he tweeted last week to say he wanted to hit us with a 5-Minute (or 25-Minute) Marvel … we jumped on it. And, it brought out the best in us. I am particularly fond of the drawing in the middle, which looks like the alien lovechild of Uatu and J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter. 

And, now a word from Uatu …

5 Minute M.O.D.O.K.

WOW! The awesome lads and lassies across the pond in South Wales combined two of my favorite things in one amazing post to create the pulse-pounding incredibleness that is … 5-Minute M.O.D.O.K. Do yourself a favor and head on over to their Web site to view the works of a group of friends who get together to indulge their love of sketching and comics. This post … and the fact that they shoot Dr. Who over there … is enough to make me want to move to Wales! Thank you, guys!

And, for extra good measure, here’s my contribution to the 2011 March M.O.D.O.K. Madness, the brainchild of our pal, Brendan Tobin!

Black Canary & Ms. Marvel

When we started 5 Minutes Marvels (by accident, mind you), Grace and I just enjoyed drawing. She reminded me how much fun drawing was and how much I’d missed it. As a child, I drew incessantly and without self-consciousness. But, then … I grew up and received the wonderful gift of adulthood … self-doubt. And, I stopped drawing.

I am so thankful to my girl for reminding me that I can draw for fun and for expression, not for perfectionism. You don’t have to be “good,” you just have to try. Our buddy, Dee, over at just learned the same lesson drawing two of her favorite heroines (and ours) — Black Canary and Ms. Marvel. And, then she wrote a terrific article about her experience. Thanks, Dee! Keep drawing. We’ll keep posting.

And, now a word from Dee …