Robin by Maddy, Erin and George

Another amazing set of sketches from our bestest buddies, the Wahl clan. Maddy writes:

“Today, we decided “rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock” was the best solution to everything ever, so it became our regular method of choosing a person to choose a character to draw.  George won again.  Cause he’s a cheater. Don’t let anyone tell you different.  So he said we should draw Robin and when we asked him which one, he replied “Tiny Titans Robin!”  So Dick Grayson it was.  Erin loves sidekicks, the odd (numerically-speaking) in particular.  I find Robins entertaining but much prefer Batman, but since Batman is on a Love-Cruise around the world with Catwoman (or something like that, I need to catch up on Batland very badly) all I had in ways of Batmen was Dick.  So I did technically fulfill both criteria. Their is both a Robin and a Dick Grayson in my picture, they just so happen to be completely different people.”


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