Ladies Comic Project – Part II

Grace was asked by our pal Kelly Thompson of Comics Should Be Good and to participate in her “Ladies Comic Project II.” It is a fascinating look at women’s opinions on comics. Check it out here.

For LCP – Part One, Grace reviewed “Set to Sea” by Drew Weing.  This time, she reviews “Secret Science Alliance” by Drew’s wife, Eleanor Davis. It’s a fun book and Gracie loved it. Check it out. 


2 thoughts on “Ladies Comic Project – Part II

  1. Just found this website today courtesy of Faith Erin Hicks’s twitter feed, and have been looking through it, having a ton of fun. 🙂

    Great review here from a member of the most important and overlooked audience in comics today: kids.

    Love seeing all the great drawings here, and this video was terrifically fun to watch. It’s so wonderful seeing such enthusiasm for comics. Keep up the great work — very much looking forward to the drawings to come. 😀

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