Wonder Woman!

Grace and I got a nice surprise today when artist and animator, Alisa Harris, agreed to draw with us this morning … and then had the art in about an hour later. Wow! Talk about a Wonder Woman! Grace had a lot of fun drawing the Princess of Power. I chose to use a Mike Sekowsky image from an old, old issue of Justice League of America for inspiration.

Alisa, we had a lot of fun with you today. Thanks for your incredible support. And, ya’ll, check out Alisa’s extremely varied and impressive body of work on her blog www.AlisaHarris.com

UPDATED! A word from Alisa Harris:


Cornered … AGAIN!

Grace and I have art up on Jon Morris’ terrific blog, Cornered!, again this week. In short order, this blog has posts of original art and has become one of our absolute favorites!

We decided to draw from What If #9 — the comic that gave birth to the idea that eventually grew into one of Marvel’s best creations over the last decade — AGENTS OF ATLAS!

Bat-Mite & Harley Quinn!

It’s only been a few days since we received an amazing Superman piece by our new Pal, Matt Hughes, from Swansea in the UK. Today, we are proud to share two fantastic sketches from his daughters, Lorien and Elinor — Bat-Mite and Harley Quinn, two of our favorite residents of the Bat-Verse.

Here at 5MM, we have just a little bit of a soft spot for fathers drawing with their daughters. So, keep it comin’, Hughes family!

Gen! (from The Unsinkable Walker Bean)

No graphic novel I read in 2010 captured my imagination like Aaron Renier’s “The Unsinkable Walker Bean.” Unlike so many comics which fit snugly into “adult” or “children’s” categories, Walker Bean is a truly all-ages book — offering something for readers of ever age, from thrilling “Harry Potteresque” adventures to beautiful art punctuated by breathtaking colors. But, what keeps the reader coming back are amazing, well-realized characters. And, for a girl who has a mom with beautiful red hair, Gen, the pirate girl with two sabres, a hair trigger temper and big, wide open heart …  it was a natural for Grace to want to draw her. I think Grace really captured Gen’s constant look of skepticism and aggression.

Do yourself a favor … stop reading this and go check out Aaron Renier’s Web site forthwith: http://aaronrenier.com/blog/

Fashion Queen!

Grace and I had so much fun drawing Fashion Kitty by Charise Mericle Harper the other night that we decided to take on FK’s arch-nemesis … FASHION QUEEN! And, to make this an ever more awesome experience, we were joined by the incredibly talented Tara Abbamondi.

Tara has been a huge fan of 5MM and, in turn, we are massive fans of her site www.GingerCurls.Wordpress.com — home of the soon-to-be-published graphic novel, “Puddles.”

Tara takes commissions and does truly beautiful work. Check her out. You won’t be disappointed.

Tiny Titans!

Grace got a Tint Titans book at the library featuring the incredible work of Art Baltazar and his team at Electric Milk creations … so, to the pencils we flew to draw Wonder Girl and Super Girl!

Check out Art’s fantastic work here — http://www.artbaltazar.com/


It was a real joy today to get new art from a father and daughter due from Toronto — Nicole and Charlie. The art itself is brilliant (Nicole’s blue and red gloves is VERY fashion forward — looking toward the new Spidey movie), but it also came with the cutest video where sister Naomi decided that maybe 5 minutes was too much time to devote. Hilarious! Thanks, guys. Don’t be strangers.

Starman & Stargirl!

Several weeks ago, talented cartoonist and blogger Cathy Leamy approached us with an offer to draw Starman with us. So we decided to make it a family affair with three generations of cosmic heroes.

Cathy, thanks for drawing with us. It was a lot of fun. And, all you readers head over to Cathy’s site and enjoy her work — www.MetroKitty.com

UPDATE! A word from Kathy Leamy …

Fashion Kitty!

Grace was excited to learn this week that our local library now has a comics section for young readers … and home came FASHION KITTY! by Charise Mericle Harper. Click here to read more abour Charise and her books.

Kitty + Fashion + Drawing = Grace Happy!

Vixen! (Justice League Detroit Version)

I know it’s in vogue to think of Vixen with her cool, modern hairdo, but I like to remember a time in the mid-80s when Vixen hung out in Detroit with the Martian Manhunter and a group of F-list heroes calling themselves the Justice League. And, Ms. Vixen rocked out the same hair style as Wolverine. Grace agreed.


Another amazing collection of art from Maddy, Erin and George (with special guest star Jessica!) Maddy writes:

So we are all so cool that we got together on a Friday night to bake a Rainbow Cake, watch Young Justice, and draw. Our friend/Erin’s cousin Jessica Peery is -here, so we have four pictures for you this time instead of three! After some discussion and Erin decimating the others in a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock we picked the most wonderful current Batgirl, Stephanie Brown.  Steph happens to be the only character in all the world that Erin is good at drawing (MaddyNote: Erin is a liar.), so she is uncharacteristically happy with her picture.  Maddy and Erin share a love of Steph, mostly because she is adoabibble (Maddy’s term), bricks people in the face, and behaves like we would if we got to wear the Bat: super excited. That’s why our Batgirls say the same thing. Jessica thinks drawing Batgirl was fun, and that any deficiencies in her drawing is because she is sick.  George just started playing Kingdom Hearts for the first time, so we had to pry him away from the PS2 with a crowbar and the promise of cake, but he liked using sound effects, Ka-Pow!

Robin by Maddy, Erin and George

Another amazing set of sketches from our bestest buddies, the Wahl clan. Maddy writes:

“Today, we decided “rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock” was the best solution to everything ever, so it became our regular method of choosing a person to choose a character to draw.  George won again.  Cause he’s a cheater. Don’t let anyone tell you different.  So he said we should draw Robin and when we asked him which one, he replied “Tiny Titans Robin!”  So Dick Grayson it was.  Erin loves sidekicks, the odd (numerically-speaking) in particular.  I find Robins entertaining but much prefer Batman, but since Batman is on a Love-Cruise around the world with Catwoman (or something like that, I need to catch up on Batland very badly) all I had in ways of Batmen was Dick.  So I did technically fulfill both criteria. Their is both a Robin and a Dick Grayson in my picture, they just so happen to be completely different people.”

Dorothy, Tik Tok & Billina

The girls and I popped by Heroes Arent’ Hard to Find yesterday to pick up our books. Cate choose vintage Baby Huey and Grace went for Marvel’s adaptation of “Ozma of Oz” with Skottie Young’s incredible art. So, tonight, we took a trip to the Land of Oz … and Skottie inspired some of Grace’s best art to date!

Mighty Mouse

So we are waaaaaaaaaaaay past due on this one. Last year, Whitney Matheson of Pop Candy on USAToday.com graciously wrote about 5 Minute Marvels. I asked her if we could draw a picture in her honor … and she asked for Mighty Mouse. So, Whitney, here’s hoping you’re a fan of the expression, “Better late than never.”

Ladies Comic Project – Part II

Grace was asked by our pal Kelly Thompson of Comics Should Be Good and www.1979SemiFinalist.Wordpress.com to participate in her “Ladies Comic Project II.” It is a fascinating look at women’s opinions on comics. Check it out here.

For LCP – Part One, Grace reviewed “Set to Sea” by Drew Weing.  This time, she reviews “Secret Science Alliance” by Drew’s wife, Eleanor Davis. It’s a fun book and Gracie loved it. Check it out. 

When Captain America throws his mighty shield …

I am excited to say that our pals, the wonderful Wahl Family , are back. Maddy is an incredible artist and Erin and George add great whimsy as Cap punches MODOK in the face and encourages you to support your country! Welcome back and keep ’em coming, guys.

Tiny Kitten Teeth

In checking out the list of attendees at the upcoming HeroesCon convention, Grace and I found our way to the adorably retro art of Becky Dreistadt and Frank Gibson at www.TinyKittenTeeth.com.

It is amazing stuff and Grace was smitten with the character, Tigerbuttah, immediately. So, we started to draw.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not my take my word for this. You must see this art for yourself at www.TinyKittenTeeth.com and http://www.sandpailtail.com/. The art is amazing and colorful and genuine and everything that is amazing about comics.