Underwater Vampire

The snow days continue here in Charlotte … and the kids are bouncing off the walls. Today Grace ran into the kitchen with construction goggles on and vampire teeth. And, Underwater Vampire was born. Hero or villain? You decide.

P.S. Grace originally decided U.Vampire was a boy (hence my drawing), but once she got done drawing, she said, “I know girl mermaids need a bra, but he’s not a girl, so … he needs to wear a … um … you know, I’m just gonna’ draw a bra.” It was awesome.

The Mad Hatter

It was a snow day here, so when we decided to draw a Bat Villain, naturally it was … The Mad Hatter. (Okay, so Mr. Freeze would have made more sense, but we’re talking 7-year-old logic here, people.)

I love the eyes in Grace’s Hatter … and the nostrils. The dude looks suitably crazy.

Mighty Mister Donut

This is a Grace creation — a hero who can transform himself into an animated version of any donut. Hers is spouting powdered sugar. Miner is more of a Jack Kirby-inspired champion of cosmic confection.

You have got to love a 7-year-old imagination! And, Mighty Mister Donut comes with a dance and a song she made up. I could demonstrate it for you … but it wouldn’t be pretty. 🙂

Perry the Platypus

So … I’m not much of a Disney fan, but the girls love it like crack. And, while most of the programming makes me doubt that there’s any goodness or creativity left in the world, Phineas and Ferb is legitimately funny. In the tradition of the best cartoons, 65% of it goes right over the heads of little children. Grace wanted to take on secret agent Perry the Platypus … and we had a lot of fun with it.

Superhero Girl!

When it rains it pours — three posts in one day! And, best of all — Cate is back!

Over the last couple of weeks, I have really come to love the new Web Comic, “Adventures of Superhero Girl” by Faith Erin Hicks. It is a sarcastic and endearing tale of a superheroine just trying to get started in the biz. The strip calls to mind another favorite of mine, Joey Weiser’s The Unremarkable Tree Frog (Click here to see). I thought Grace would love this character and she did.

As for what Grace is working on this week is the figure down to the waist and drawing joints, like arms with elbows. I think she did a great job. And, it was cute to hear her giving Cate advice on how to “ink” a pencil and whick pens to use.  Cate did agree to draw today, but refused to draw a nose. You know, on principle.