Shadoweyes by Ross Campbell

Ross Campbell was one of the very first professional artists to draw with us on 5 Minute Marvels — an awesome sketch of Domino. Check it out here.

So, it’s totally cool that Ross offered to help us kick off Year Two on 5MM with a sketch of his original character, Shadoweyes. If you haven’t seen Shadoweyes, you can learn more about her story at Ross’ site or … better yet … you can buy it at! For an extra side order of coolness, see Ross’ amazing ideas for the the New Mutants/Generation X on Project: Rooftop.

Gotta say, Grace and I have made many pals with 5MM, but Ross is in the running for “Nicest Guy in Comics.”

And, here’s our take. (P.S.  We wanted them to be extra good so, in truth, we took 10 minutes.)


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