Secret Science Alliance

To prepare for Kelly Thompson’s “Ladies Comic Project: Part II,” Grace and I are reading “Secret Science Alliance” by the amazingly talented Eleanor Davis, Drew Weing, Michele Chidester and Joey Wesier. It is a tremendous book, great for kids and inspired Grace to draw the lead protagonist, the unflappable Julian Clanedar –


2 thoughts on “Secret Science Alliance

  1. Wow! Thanks for the shout-out and the awesome drawings of Julian! Tell Grace she is a pro. Also, SSA was colored by both Joey and the amazing Michele Chidester (they’re married!). Check out Michele’s stuff here:

  2. I love the mad scientist you drew Grace! I have also enjoyed having you in my art class the past three years. I will certainly keep up with how you are doing and your artwork through your blogs. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your pillow project. 🙂

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