It’s a Contest, Ya’ll! Build Our Super Team

Grace and I had a lot of fun with the “Draw Gronk!” contest…and we wanted to have another draw-a-long.

So, we’re building a super team … adn we want you to help us populate it with your own creations. Give us fun super heroes to make this the bestest group of metahumans in the universe — The Super People (& Super Pets) Society!

 This contest is really for kids and their parents, but, adults without kids, if you want to send in art, you are welcome. But, remember, this is for kids. 🙂 So, tone down the sexuality and the darkness. They have a long time to get into that sort of stuff.

Send us a drawing of your hero by Sunday, August 14, and include answers for the following:

– Hero Code Name
– Hero Secret Identity
– Powers
– Origin
– First Appearance

We’ll pick the leader of the team from the entries and see if we can’t get folks to draw it with us!

To get you started,  here are a few Gracie and I cooked up —

– Hero Code Name: Iceberg (by Grace Miner)
– Hero Secret Identity: Pengiun Pop
– Powers: He can shoot ice at the bad guys.
– Origin: He was granted his amazing powers by “Mopey,” the snow elf.
– First Appearance: Amazing Alaskan Stories #13

– Hero Code Name:  Dude Fromage (by Tim Miner)
– Hero Secret Identity: Gary Gouda
– Powers: Super strength. Super cheesy. Super stinky.
– Origin: While on a tour of a cheese factory, chemist Gary Gouda fell into a vat of spoiled milk. The chemicals in his pockets mixed with the milk and transformed him into a mighty mountain of cheese.
– First Appearance: Tales of Culinary Catastrophe #5

– Hero Code Name: Mother Nature (by Grace Miner)
– Hero Secret Identity: Avia
– Powers: Can animate flowers and trees and uses her branches to attack humans who cut down or abuse trees and plantlife.
– Origin: A careless forest fairy didn’t realize that as she swung her wand while walking amongst the trees and hit one with an errant bolt of magic, transforming her into the wooded avenger, Mother Nature.
– First Appearance: Avia’s Mysteries #1

– Hero Code Name: Gi-Nor-Mouse (by Tim Miner)
– Hero Secret Identity: Skittles the Mouse (& his creator, Dr. Farcus Boxleitner)
– Powers: Um … he’s like a really,really huge rodent. With a mask. And a scientist riding him. Duh.
– Origin: After years of research, scientist Dr. Farcus J. Boxleitner created a formula that would revolutionized farming creating enormous fruits and vegetables — a feat which could solve world hunger. Instead, he used it to transform his lab mouse into a gargantuan. And, then he accidentally lost the formula. So, now he fights crime. Well, the mouse fights crime. Farcus just rides him. That’s why Gi-Nor-Mouse wears a mask. He embarrassed about the whole Farcus riding him thing.
– First Appearance: Thrillectomy #47


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