Maggie & Neena! by Grace (7) & Dad

We also owe a thank you to our pal, Tara O’Connor, for the drawing gift she gave Grace. I am really looking forward to seeing her completed work on her graphic novel, “Puddles.” So, we decided to draw Maggie and Nenna (the catdish) to show our appreciation.

Tara is a talented artist and a truly nice lady (we mean that as a term of respect). AND,Ā  she does amazing commissions for just $10. Check out her commission info here:

Check out her regular life-inspired web comics at


1 thought on “Maggie & Neena! by Grace (7) & Dad

  1. Gee thanks, Tim! šŸ™‚ You’re too kind!!! I appreciate the kind words!

    Love Grace’s rendition of Maggie! She’s doing some awesome work with faces lately!!

    and of course, your Neena is awesome–

    Truly awesome, thank you so much, I love it šŸ™‚

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