The girls and I had a total blast at HeroesCon in Charlotte this weekend. They must have shared their art with 20 artists over the course of Saturday … often getting art in return.

I must say that jerks must really stand out in the world of comics, becuase everyone with whom we met — from professinoals to cosplayers — were among some of the most genuine and kind people I’ve ever encountered. So much fun. Photos are forthcoming, but enjoy some of the art we got.

Encouragement from Kate Beaton

Yee-haw! Basil Chronus by Tom Scioli

Ace the Bat Hound by Chris & Laura Samnee (They GAVE us the art that had been on the blog. We love it!)

The Black Beetle by Francesco Francavilla

Colleen Coover draws Grace's character, Super-Bride! (She has the power to make you want to get married.)

Monster Isle by Joey Wesier

Wildcat by Irwin Hasan -- It was a THRILL to watch him draw!Monster Isle by Joey Weiser

Mysterious the Unfathomable by Tom Fowler

Saving Grace and Cate-Tasrophe by Dean Trippe (Psst. Don't tell the girls. This is a Christmas present.)

M-11 by Gabriel Hardman


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