Cosmic Pizza! by Cate (5), Grace (6) & Dad

Cate’s a little focused on pizza right now … this is her third time drawing pizza this month. So, we each had our own interpretations. Cate drew a pizza pizza. Grace drew a Pizza Man. And, I decided to draw Pi-Zah! the Herald of Galactus with pepperonis standing in for the Kirby Dots. What are Kirby Dots? Why, educate yourself here …


1 thought on “Cosmic Pizza! by Cate (5), Grace (6) & Dad

  1. Kirby tapped into something cosmic when he discovered Kirby krackle. When you see it you immediately get the sense that it symbolizes energy. He was such an amazing artist!

    Also, Pi-Zah is awesome.

    Holy cow! I just realized he’s riding a pizza spatula thingy! Sweet!

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