Metal Drake! by Tycen Dillon (7)

Artist Ray Dillon tweeted out this picture his son, Tycen, drew tonight … his own creation, Metal Drake. The character is an amalgam of his baby brother and Sonic the Hedgehog.

I loved it an had to put it up. I hope we see more from Tycen in the future.


Joey Weiser’s Mermin! by Grace (6) & Dad

Tonight, we took on another of Joey Weiser’s creations … MERMIN! I love Joey’s style. There’s a lot of craft that goes into developing a style as clean, simple and composed. And, it’s ideal when working with younger artist on how to compose full figures with shapes. Looking at Mermin, Grace built with shapes first tonight, in lieu of jumping in on a specific detail in the face.

I also included her first take, which she did not like. But, I think it’s really good and shows how she’s graduated to starting with a colored pencil and going back with a marker to “ink.”

And, check out Joey’s work on Mermin, Monster Isle and Cavemen in Space at

Happy Birthday, Kelly Thompson!

Tonight, Grace and I decided to draw in honor of our bestest buddy, Kelly Thompson, who celebrated her birthday by giving 5 Minute Marvels a bunch of shout outs over at “She Has No Head!” at Comic Book Resources  and her own super awesome blog, 1979 Semi-Finalist … and then she nominated us for a Kreativ Blogger Awards! Thanks, Kel.

In honor of Kelly and her constant quest for more realistic and positive and … GASP! … three-dimensonal portrayals of women in comics, Gracie and I decided to draw female heroes in Art Baltazar’s style from Tiny Titans. Happy birthday, Kelly. You truly are the best!

More Toy Story! by Grace (6) & Dad

Grace wanted to draw more Toy Story characters… and it didn’t take much to twist my arm. I really think she’s doing great work. Jesse’s eyes have terrific expression and she did the alien in, like, three minutes. Awesome.

Draw Katie Cook’s Gronk Contest – Winner Molly Wasielewski (10)

I am sorry it took so long to get these up, but am thrilled to present the sketches we received from artists of all ages. Clearly, Katie Cook’s new character, Gronk — a big hearted monster, inspired lots of fun and love in our artists.

It was a hard call, but Katie and the 5MM team are happy to announce 10-year-old, Mollu Wasielewski the winner of our first contest. We hope to see more from her!

And, until then, drop by to enjoy Katie’s work and, of course, Gronk!

Buzz & Woody! by Grace (6) & Dad

Thanks to the lazy days of summer, Grace and I have been drawing but not posting. That ends here! In honor of Toy Story 3, which we have not seen yet, Grace wanted to take on the bestest buddies in the universe, Woody & Buzz Lightyear.

I really love the work Grace did on Woody’s face. And, she’s really starting to understand the use of shapes in drawing. She defined Buzz’s head as a “peanut shape” and Woody as a “pickle.”Good stuff. We’re spending the summer working on sketching first with shapes. She’s off to a good start.

The Human Torch and Captain America! by Aaron (3) & Evan “Doc” Shaner

Okay, so I’m excited about this one. When I really started looking at artist Web sites, one of the first … and favorite … sites I found was that of up-and-coming artist, Evan “Doc” Shaner. And, it isn’t just me … or Grace (she LOVES Evan’s rendition of the Agents of ATLAS) … the whole interweb is falling in love with this guy and his work. We expect great things from him. Check out his work at

You’ll understand why I was so jazzed to finally get 5 Minute Marvels from Evan, who visited his nephew last week. Here’s a fun passage from his e-mail:

“…Aaron’s 3 years old.  There were some really funny conversations during the drawing, for instance Aaron was drawing Human Torch and accidentally filled in one of his eyes. He decided that the Human Torch now has to wear protective sunglasses “because the bad guys have laser beams”.  There was a bunch of stuff like that but I can tell you the rest some other time maybe.”

These are great.

Ultra, The Multi-Alien! by Grace (6) & Cate

Buried in that box of old comics my dad gave me was a ragged copy of Mystery in Space #103 — the debut issue of this odd hero. Like Metamorpho, his body is divided into four quadrants. This time, an unlike astronaut is “zapped” by four different alien species at one time (don’t you hate it when that happens?). The net effect was that he was granted a share of each of their special abilities and became … ULTRA, THE MULTI-ALIEN.

Say what you will, he is a visually interesting character … and a lot of fun to draw.

Saving Grace! by Grace (6) and Dad

Grace knows I designed a super hero after her — SAVING GRACE! (But, she doesn’t know I’m having artists draw pictures of Cate and Grace as Saving Grace and Cate-Tastrophe for Christmas … so SHHHH!) So, she wanted to draw herself tonight. And, I think she did a great job! Love the glasses.

P.S. Cate art strike on Day 6, now. 🙂 

Metamorpho! by Grace (6) & Dad

When I was young, my dad brought me a giant box of old comics my uncles and he had collected. There was lots of goodness in there. And, it fired my imagination. One of my favorites from the box, was the colorful Metamorpho, the Element Man. I’ve been dying to draw this one. You can read about him here:

Proud father moment #5,367. Grace drew and colored her picture and then excalaimed, “I forgot to ink it!” She promptly went back and added thick black lines. They obscure some of the delicate work she did on this, but the fact that we have progressed to her understanding that comics start with pencils and proceed to inks and colors … well, she’s getting serious, folks.

Cate is still on strike. 🙂

The Green Goblin! by Grace (6) & Dad

Grace wanted to go with a classic Spider-Man villain tonight … the Green Goblin. (Or, “Gobby,” as ol’ Spidey likes to say.) I can say with every ounce of humility, Grace blew me away on this one. Her Goblin is great. Mine looks like he has cauliflaur ear. 🙂

Mites! by Grace Miner

One of Grace’s favorite subjects we’ve drawn … and one she talks about often … is Bat-Mite. She’s been on a creative tear lately and came up with this … the mite family. She drew them for Jim McCann, not knowing the difference between DC and Marvel — as we are equal opportunity when it comes to subjects of our art here at 5MM. He did a great job of being gracious as he accepted a tribute to the Distinguished Competition. 🙂

Electr-ah! by Grace (6) & Dad

Grace decided to create her own character, a woman who could control electrcity … Electr-ah! The big shift for her here is that she has begun drawing in pencil first and then going back over in pen. And, I love that she’s using the shaky lines to demonstrate energy. She’s come a long way as an artist … and I’m proud of her.

Black Canary! by Grace (6) & Dad

Tonight’s sketch was suggested by a Twitter follower (thanks). And, it wasn’t too hard to convince Grace to draw a character who overpowers bad guys with sonic screams…

Jack of Hearts! by Grace (6) & Dad

Grace wasn’t so much into self-portraits, but she DID want to take on Jack of Hearts, an (sniff sniff) dead Marvel character from the Avengers. I was never a huge fan, but did grow to really like the character when Geoff Johns wrote him … just before he died. Now, Grace and I are hoping for a miraculous return.

And, I have to say, this represents some of Grace’s best work to date. She is really getting much stronger with facial details.

The Incredible Hulk … and Juggles! by Grace (6) & Dad

BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT!!!!! (Okay, you probably didn’t.)

Today on Twitter, writer Paul Tobin suggested that The Hulk should have a pig named Juggles as a sidekick. As Grace had already invented Scratcher, an animal sidekick for Tigra, she loved the idea and wanted to draw it. And, of course, we used a drawing of The Hulk by Paul’s Wife, Colleen Coover, as a guide …

Enjoy it, True Believers!

Ms. Marvel! by Ella Williams (6), Grace Miner (6) & Dad

The sketches of Ms. Marvel were done while basking in the afterglow of awesomeness that was this weekend’s HeroesCon in Charlotte. Grace and Cate were joined by their bestest buddies, Ella and Jack Williams, and their father. Ella is a fan of all things fun and Jack is a budding member of the Mighty Marvel Marching Society. I thought he was going to pass out.

Grace and Ella sketched on the train home. Grace drew Electric Girl (her own creation) and The Thing (both of which she gave away) and Ella created this amazing drawing of Ms. Marvel, make all the more awesome that it was done on a MOVING train.

So, inspired by Ella, Grace and I returned to where 5 Minute Marvels started … with a sketch of Ms. Marvel.


The girls and I had a total blast at HeroesCon in Charlotte this weekend. They must have shared their art with 20 artists over the course of Saturday … often getting art in return.

I must say that jerks must really stand out in the world of comics, becuase everyone with whom we met — from professinoals to cosplayers — were among some of the most genuine and kind people I’ve ever encountered. So much fun. Photos are forthcoming, but enjoy some of the art we got.

Encouragement from Kate Beaton

Yee-haw! Basil Chronus by Tom Scioli

Ace the Bat Hound by Chris & Laura Samnee (They GAVE us the art that had been on the blog. We love it!)

The Black Beetle by Francesco Francavilla

Colleen Coover draws Grace's character, Super-Bride! (She has the power to make you want to get married.)

Monster Isle by Joey Wesier

Wildcat by Irwin Hasan -- It was a THRILL to watch him draw!Monster Isle by Joey Weiser

Mysterious the Unfathomable by Tom Fowler

Saving Grace and Cate-Tasrophe by Dean Trippe (Psst. Don't tell the girls. This is a Christmas present.)

M-11 by Gabriel Hardman

Namora! by Grace (6) & Dad

This is only one of many, many sketches Grace created for HeroesCon. In fact, as we were at the convention, she walked around sketching and handing her “2 Minute Marvels” to grateful folks as we walked along … as well as original art we created for 5 Minute Marvels.

This sketch of the Sub-Mariner’s cousin (um … kissin’ cousin) Namora was done for editor of Marvel’s “Girl Comics,” Lauren Sankovitch, whom Grace and Cate met at C2E2 in Chicago. Hiya, Lauren! Hope you dug this as much as we did drawing it!

Captain America! by Augusten (5) & Nathan Fairbairn

Marvel colorist, Nathan Fairbairn, and his son, Augusten, are back with a killer drawing of the Sentinel of Liberty– Captain America!

There must be something in the air. The girls and I drew Cap as well …

3-D Man! by Grace (6) & Dad

Marvel’s “Agents of ATLAS” series is breathing new life into some great characters from the earliest days of superheroes. I have loved these characters since I read What If… #9 as a kid … I guess Kurt Busiek and Jeff Parker loved it, too, as they brought this team into the regular Marvel universe in the Avengers Forever limited series and now the ongoing ATLAS title. Thanks, guys!

The Mighty Thor! by Grace (6) & Dad

HeroesCon is here in Charlotte, NC and the 5MM Girls and I are pretty jazzed about it. We have lots of sketches to share with artists and … when Grace heard her buddy Chris Samnee was in town, she wanted to draw for him.  So, we chose the Odinson, start of Chris’ new all-ages series, “Thor: The Mighty Avenger!”

Bat-Tastic! by Grace (6) & Dad

Grace created her own character … a fashionable member of the Bat Family she named … Bat-Tastic! She narrated what she wanted as we drew … blonde hair … a bat mask. A bat on the clothes. Two sets of wings. But, our drawings turned out just a little different.

Medusa! by Grace (6) & Dad

So, Cate decided to draw “someone with lots of hair.” So,we decided on Medusa of Marvel’s Inhumans.

Then Cate decided not to draw.

Contest Extension: Draw Katie Cook’s Gronk!

I am having so much fun seeing the art coming in, I am extending the contest to draw Katie Cook’s Gronk! All art must be in by midnight this Sunday, June 6 to compete. So, get those kids drawing!

Here are the details:

Our good 5MM buddy, Katie Cook, has just launched Gronk! — a weekly Web comic about a little monster who doesn’t really want to be a monster “because she’s just so darn cute.” Check it out here: The winner of the contest will get a digital 5 Minute Marvel drawn by Katie! And, people, that be cool indeed. So, get drawing!

Now, the idea is for KIDS to send in their artwork, but we’ll take submissions from adults and teens.

Silver Surfer! (For Joe Sinnott) by Grace (6) & Dad

Tonight, it was my pleasure to achieve a boyhood goal … I spoke with legendary penciler/inker Joe Sinnott for 45 minutes on the phone. He was everything I’d hoped he would be. Engaging. Charming. Kind. And, full of so many stories about his 60-year-old career in comics. And, at 84 … he’s not done yet. He and Stan Lee still create the Sunday Spider-Man strip in newspaper syndication together.

It was so much fun … Grace and I decided to draw the Silver Surfer (who he helped create with Jack Kirby and Stan Lee) for Joe … complete with lots of cosmic squiggels. (Psst … I may have spent 7 minutes.)

And, check out Joe’s work at … AMAZING!

Cosmic Pizza! by Cate (5), Grace (6) & Dad

Cate’s a little focused on pizza right now … this is her third time drawing pizza this month. So, we each had our own interpretations. Cate drew a pizza pizza. Grace drew a Pizza Man. And, I decided to draw Pi-Zah! the Herald of Galactus with pepperonis standing in for the Kirby Dots. What are Kirby Dots? Why, educate yourself here …