Superheroes! by Lauren (5), Maddy (10) & Caitlin Southward (11)

FIRST POST! Great original stuff from the Southward family. This is some tremendous stuff … especially Boss Lady and Mix N’ Match Girl. I love it. Here’s a note from their dad:

Terrific idea.  Couldn’t wait to get my three girls to do this, they had a blast.
Tomorrow night, they each want to do full comic strips. Here are their first super heroes;
Lauren Southward (Age 5);  Sopr Many (Super Manny) and sidekick Sopr Frog.  Fights villains with tools trying to tear down the town.
Maddy Southward (Age 10);  Mix ‘n Match Girl, with sidekick Boss Lady.  I think this one is fighting poor fashion sense.
Caitlin Southward (Age 11);  Super Penguin.  Doesn’t fight crime, just chillaxes and looks cool.
Thanks for the awesome time spent with the kids before bed.


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