Clock King! by Grace (6), Dad & Grandpa Miner

Grace wanted to draw “a bad guy with the face of a clock.” Little did she know that many years of studying the obscure corners of comics would enable me to pull out Clock King! Yeah, he’s legit. And, was featured on one of the best episodes of Justice League Unlimited, I might add.


Monster Isle! by Grace (6) & Dad

One more for the night … in looking over all the artists coming out way for HeroesCon, Grace and I found Joey Weiser, an Atlanta-based artist and creator of Cavemen in Space and the strip, Monster Isle. Grace thought the monsters were terrific and drew this …

Check out Monster Isle at … it’s great stuff, especially for kids.

Spider Iron Man! by Spencer (8) & Heather Armstrong

Imaginative new art from Spencer Armstrong and his mom. Here’s the story behind the art:

I ran across your “5-minute marvels” on a blog ( ) a few days ago and thought my son would love it. He is always drawing his favorite characters at home, at school, in the car, at restaurants…you get the idea. Anyway, I shared your project with him and he loved it. He decided to come up with a Spiderman/Ironman hybrid after seeing Captain Turtle on your site. He loved the idea of blending characters.

Nice work, Spencer! Send in more! And, if anyone else has an idea for an amalgam hero … SEND THEM IN!

Cleopatra in Spaaaace! by Grace (6) & Dad

Grace absolutely loved the look of artist Mike Maihack’s Web comic, Cleopatra in Spaaace! and chose to draw the titular heroine.

I love Mike’s style, reminiscent of another favorite artist Dean Trippe, with a little dollop of George Herriman. Stop what you’re doing and go to right now!


The Black Beetle! by Grace (6) & Dad

Grace and I are getting ready for HeroesCon … which is just five short days away. (Cate is taking a few days off.) We can’t wait to hand out art to some of our favorite artists and Francesco Francavilla has been a good friend to the 5 Minute Marvels. So, in his honor, we drew his pulp character, the Black Beetle.

Francesco is a tremendously talented artist. Check out his site here:!

Iron Fist! by Augusten (5) and Nathan Fairbairn

This one’s a real treat, a father and son ode to Danny Rand, the Immortal Iron Fist by Augusten and his dad, Nathan Fairbairn – colorist of Marvel’s upcoming Hawkeye & Mockingbird series by two 5MM buddies, Jim McCann and David Lopez. Check out Nathan’s Web site here.

Great stuff, gentlemen! We hope it’s the first of many to come.

The Human Torch! by Colin (6) & Dan Klein

A brand new father & son duo, Colin and Dan Klein, checked in today with a great drawing of Johnny Storm — the Human Torch! Keep ’em comin’ boys.

Astro Girl & Red Rover by Cate (5), Grace (6) & Dad

The girls love the characters from Todd Nauck’s short-lived and much missed (by me) series, Wildguard — the story of a superhero team formed by a reality TV show. Click here to see Todd’s Web site.

Diamondback! by Cate (5), Grace (6), Dad & Uncle Justin

My pick tonight and time to take on one of my all-time Marvel faves, Diamondback. May she find a new place in the Marvel U. All I had to say was, “Purple Hair” and the girls were in … and they brought their Uncle Justin in, too.

Hawkeye! by Maddy (15), Erin (23) & George Wahl (10)

George took his turn to pick the one, the only Hawkeye … my favorite comics character of all time and the star of the new book, Hawkeye & Mockingbird, by 5MM buddies, Jim McCann and David Lopez. Maddy and Erin chose a traditional path, while George was inspired by the cartoon stylings of Chris Giarrusso! Bullseye, guys. Clint would be proud.

Green Arrow! by Grace (6) & Dad

… and speaking of archers, Grace chose to draw the guy across the street from Hawkeye … the irascible Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow. She’s a sucker for the goatee. (Psst … no one tell Jim McCann.)

Puppy! by George (10), Maddy (15) and Erin Wahl (23)

It’s been far too long since we had a submission from the Wahl girls and George, but it was well worth the wait! They took on Puppy from Chris Elipoulos’ Franklin Richards comic. And, they threw in a TARDIS for good measure. Love it!

And, speaking of pets, Grace felt Tigra was loneyly and needed buddy. So, she created Scratcher. And, she insisted he have a hat that was “like the guy on ‘Sonny with a Chance.'”

Vegetable Man! by Cate (4), Grace (6) & Dad

Cate wanted to create something original tonight, so she summoned her inner Giuseppe Arcimboldo to create — Vegetable Man!

She wants you to know the head is a tomato, the eyes olives, the nose a hot pepper, the mouth corn and the hair brussel sprouts!

Jersey Gods … and a Pizza! by Cate (5), Grace (6) & Dad

My pick last night, — so I went with the Kriby-infused characters of Jersey Gods, a comic by Dan McDaid and Glen Brunswick. This is a really fun comic and I highly recommend it. Jack Kirby creared his epic Fourth World comics in the 70s … and DC has fumbled about for years trying to figure out how to use them. Dan and Glen did it for them, with this modern, pop culture infused riff on Kirby’s creations. This is an homage that takes on a life of its own. And, the characters are fun to draw, too.

 Grace and I were excited … Cate started, and then decided to draw a pizza instead. Have fun.

And, check out Dan’s Web site here:

Draw Katie Cook’s Gronk!

Welcome to our first contest here on 5 Minute Marvels!

Our good 5MM buddy, Katie Cook, has just launched Gronk! — a weekly Web comic about a little monster who doesn’t really want to be a monster “because she’s just so darn cute.” Check it out here:

In honor of Katie’s new venture, we invite you to draw Gronk and send us the art by Monday, May 31. The winner of the contest will get a digital 5 Minute Marvel drawn by Katie! And, people, that be cool indeed. So, get drawing!

Now, the idea is for KIDS to send in their artwork, but we’ll take submissions from adults and teens.

Screaming Mimi! (and Klaw) by Grace (6) & Dad

Grace was much taken by Screaming Mimi on Super Hero Squad! Or, as Cate called her, “Joker’s Girlfriend.” This is a proud Father moment as Grace sketched Mimi compltely by memory Sunday night. Cate chose to abstain on the grounds that, “I don’t really feel like drawing crazy hair.” I tossed in a Klaw for good measure.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is, in fact, a drawing of the villain who would become the hero “Songbird,” not a depiction of Grace’s grandmother, also known as “Mimi.” 😛

Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers! by Cate (5), Grace (6) & Dad

It was my night to pick, so I chose the two lead characters of my favorite comic that combines the petty love affairs of maudlin young adults with bone-crushing kung-fu action — SCOTT PILGRIM by Bryan Lee O’Malley! Check out the web site at You can follow Bryan on Twitter here:

And, as if it weren’t already cool enough, it’s about to be a movie by Shaun of the Dead (A.K.A. “Greatest Movie Ever”) director Edgar Wright! Enjoy!

The Mighty Throg! by Chris Eliopoulos

Chris Eliopolous, writer and artist of the webcomic Misery Loves Sherman and Marvel’s Lockjaw & The Pet Avengers and Franklin Richards series, dropped by to share this incredible 5 minute sketch of The Mighty Thor from when he was transformed into a frog. Check out his Web site here:

Grace was joined by her good buddy Ella Williams on this sketch. And, we had a ball drawing this.

Thanks, Chris!

SuperSnail & Friends by Wyatt (4), Jordan (8) & Steve Locke

This one has been many days coming, friends. The talented Locke family sent in SuperSnail last week and I’ve just gotten it up. Sorry, guys. The girls and I took a few days off to take care of a few family matters.

But see this … and LOVE it!

Jubilee! by Ming Doyle

Wow. Super-Cool, Comics “It” Girl, Ming Doyle, dropped by to draw Jubilee, a favorite of hers from the Fox X-Men cartoon show growing up. (Yeah, we’re standing by the title we gave her. We think it could be like when Aint It Cool News called Kiera Knightly the “Sexy,  Tomboy Beanpole.” Don’t laugh, it stuck … kinda’.)

Okay, amazingly talented and Marvel’s “Girl Comics” illustrator, Ming Doyle, sent us an incredible sketch of Jubilee that makes you wonder, “How can someone do THAT in five minutes.” Want to see more? Of course you do! Check out more of her work at!

Thanks, Ming! Cate asked to sit this one out, but Grace had a ball. Once I told her Jubilee was a teen-ager, she added what she thinks all teen-agers say … “Peace, brother!” (Don’t ask me.) I added Jubilee’s bubble gum.

Lions! by Cate (5), Grace (6) & Dad

Grace and Cate were a bit “superheroed” out … so we’re on to the animal and insect kingdom. They wanted to do lions. Grace did King Lion (Leo). Cate drew “a kinda’ lion you’ve never seen before” … ahem … flower … And, I drew Ms. Lion, the fiesty, little dog from the “Pet Avengers” and the old “Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends” cartoon. What can I say? Old habits die hard.

Captain Turtle! by Jordan and Steve Locke

I could write 1,000 words, but must say simply … I. LOVE. THIS. When Marvel Apes has run its course … Marvel TURTLES is what we want to see!

Superheroes! by Lauren (5), Maddy (10) & Caitlin Southward (11)

FIRST POST! Great original stuff from the Southward family. This is some tremendous stuff … especially Boss Lady and Mix N’ Match Girl. I love it. Here’s a note from their dad:

Terrific idea.  Couldn’t wait to get my three girls to do this, they had a blast.
Tomorrow night, they each want to do full comic strips. Here are their first super heroes;
Lauren Southward (Age 5);  Sopr Many (Super Manny) and sidekick Sopr Frog.  Fights villains with tools trying to tear down the town.
Maddy Southward (Age 10);  Mix ‘n Match Girl, with sidekick Boss Lady.  I think this one is fighting poor fashion sense.
Caitlin Southward (Age 11);  Super Penguin.  Doesn’t fight crime, just chillaxes and looks cool.
Thanks for the awesome time spent with the kids before bed.

Lobster Johnson by Cate (5), Grace (6) & Dad

It was my pick … and I went with the pulp hero, Lobster Johnson, in honor of one of my favorite artists … Guy Davis. The girls loved the orange goggles. Check out Guy’s art here:

Catwoman by Maddy (15), Erin (23), George (10) & Mom

Rawr! The Wahls’ daily installment is Selina Kyle herself … CATWOMAN. And, now … a word from the irrepresible George:
A word to the wise to the catwomen (by George the awesome vampire and zombie slaying gun-slinging space cowboy saver of shoes from vicious puppies rock star ninja of doom) — STAY AWAY FROM ACE THE BATHOUND!

Cyclops! by Erin (23), Maddy (15) & George (10)!

The first family of 5 Minute Marvels is back with this awesome triptych tripute to Scott Summers, the dour, but erstwhile leader of the Uncanny X-Men. With his ruby quartz specs and permanent melancholy, he is the one, the only … CYCLOPS!

P.S. I love George’s Cyclops vs.  Cyclops!