The Bat-Man! by Maddy (16), Miranda (15), Jessica (14) & Erin (23)

Another terrific entry from the intrepid Wahl family. Here’s a note from Maddy about this submission.

“[Tonight, we brought] some new people, our other cousins, Miranda(15) and Jessica(14) along with regulars Me(16) and Erin(23).  We actually had to have an epic game of Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock (see Big Bang Theory for rules) to decide who would get to choose the character, the actual choosers were between Miranda and Jessica, but Erin and I played anyway, just because we love serial killers (it’s a long story, but there’s really no other way I can explain it.).  Miranda won out and we ended up drawing post-Dark Knight Batman(Pre-Dark Knight Batman was Jessica’s pick).  I actually colored mine a little, but their scanner scanned it black and white.  Oh well.  Miranda and Jessica had never actually  drawn Batman to my knowledge, (I’m not sure why they picked him) but I thought they did quite well (he looks very broody and no one had to draw his nose(his nose is very, very important).”


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