The Flash & The Joker! by Sam (4 1/2) & Pete White

More good stuff from Sam and Pete. I love the Joker’s shock of green hair and the frenetic quality of Pete’s drawing suits the Flash.

And, it came with a great note:

Wow! Sam and I both got a real kick out of seeing our drawing up on your blog. He made me reload it over and over. Today, he wanted to make a new drawing, and after carefully examining all of the other drawings on your blog, he decided that I would draw Flash, and he would draw the Joker, but that we had to do it in color this time. Because he is right-handed and I am a lefty, we are able to draw on the same sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper at the same time, and have stuck faithfully to the 5 minute time limit. Thanks again for the great
site, and for the fun new activity for me to do with my son.


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