Lieam of Mouse Guard! by Cate (4) & Dad (36)

Thanks to a nasty … and very sudden … attack of strep throat, Grace is taking the night off. Cate wanted to draw something fuzzy, so we went with the valiant Lieam of David Petersen’s Mouse Guard. Whether you like comics or not … pick up that book and read it. You can get it at any book store or comic shop. It is tremendous! Check out the Mouse Guard Web page, here!

P.S. It’s my fault Cate and I misspelled “Lieam.” 🙂


1 thought on “Lieam of Mouse Guard! by Cate (4) & Dad (36)

  1. its really hard to choose a favorite in the world of mouse guard. if i had to chose a mouse… lieam would be it!

    i’m always searching for that next great read of adventure, (i work at a bookstore), and i came across mouseguard fall 1152, immediately got absorbed in their world!

    ~love the drawings~ 🙂 maybe one day i’ll be reading and loving your characters tooo!

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